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As a recognized leading in environmentally safe and friendly features, RNC has developed the industry's only patented SEALED Waterwall Systems - AQUAframes®. AQUAframes® provide all the best qualities of traditional open Waterwall -  aesthetics and soothing water flow - but without the undesirable qualities of traditional open systems. 

  • Eliminates potential Water Health Risks
  • Eliminates Monthly Maintenance
  • Fully Self Contained - no drains or water lines required
  • Eliminates potential Liability or Damage from water splashing
  • Eliminate the need for Complex Filtration or Chemical/Caustic water treatments
  • Preserves Limited Resources (uses <1% water of similar open system)
  • Simple and Easy to Install – plug and play installation
  • Most Efficient Design - fully self contained, no basins, all units 5" deep
  • Advances Water Conservation and Sustainable Designs

Ideal for Healthcare, Restaurants, Hotels, Spas, Museums, Homes and more.

This innovative technology enables locations with the strictest hygiene concerns to now safely incorporate water features into locations never possible before.

The AQUAframe® is also ideal for homeowners who want to place a water feature into their home environment without the concern of high maintenance and fear of inadvertent water damage.

AQUAframes® can be see-through water windows, recessed in a wall, wall mounted or free standing. Available in a variety of sizes, styles, and shapes. Personalizing effects such as logos, lighting, images, finishes/frames/trim and more can be incorporated.

Contact RNC for a list of Standard Turnkey Units or to discuss unique custom designs and or sizes.

Not just Enclosed . . .
Not just Encapsulated . . .
Sealed .

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